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Frankly, the time and the boredom, like nothing, like everything.

Use your time, says the instruction. And all I remember is that.

Couldn’t even remember the word Augment.

Needing some chocolate fixation. The feelgood of sugar. Enormous malaise.

Cookies, brownies, bars or liquid forms of chocolate, any.

Less than waiting and lower than only slightly engaged, a near-negative state of being.

I could spend hours like this but in the end — well the day ends and there’s a different form of waiting ahead on the train.

Constant addition of music. Just as bad for future wear-out fatigue, overplay.

And new editions of same to get us excited about nothing again. Remix, re-release, repackage. To make you forget. To make you think that the experience you had before was qualitatively inferior, replaceable only with this new remastered version.

Synonymous with ‘to increase’.

But, in line with time… and its wastage in front of lcd screens, a memory:

It’s not so much fear that is the mind-killer, but boredom.

Now, change your life!

posted by rino breebaart  # 3:27 pm
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