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Frankly I can’t stand that near-sighted misogynist Lars Von Trier. Not because he ultimately uses women as tools of pain and anguish and draws his audience into the pain (under the guise of being a demanding ‘actor’s (or rather actresses’) director’), but actually, yes, because he makes the cinema a painful place. Which is OK wherever truth or integrity is involved, or in the occasional you-need-to-see-this or feel-the-viscera genuine drama, but there’s something ugly about his mindset, way more than a mere audience-intended-effect. I don’t trust his artistic personality as perceived through his means, he’s simply not a personality I’d choose to engage with willingly. Doesn’t integrate right, doesn’t interface properly. There’s something downright negative at work there. His method is ugly. It’s like being forced to feel pity in a fascist state. At gunpoint. Have skipped Dogville. But these are not reactions I’d have to viewing the Piano Teacher. Completely different kettle. Or a Bergman divorce pic.

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