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A bit of a peevish swipe at Godard from Camille Paglia, eternal 60s child, bemoaning our short-attention-image-saturation culture. “Today's rapid-fire editing descends from Jean-Luc Godard, with his hand-held camera.” And then, a little further on, saying “the humanities curriculum should be a dynamic fusion of literature, art, and intellectual history.” I’m sorry, Miss P, but that is exactly what Godard is about, especially in his later works, which are as much meditations on image, lit and history as can be achieved in the medium. I admit I’m in a pro Jean-Luc mood, but that is just a shallow stringing of mealy facts, a surface reading.

Let’s talk about corporate social responsibility. Companies that outsource to foreign workforces (ie exploiting cheap labour like call centres in India) should pay a tax for not contributing to the welfare of their own local economy. Or a tax incentive for employing their own. Because it is exploitation and it should be taxed somehow. It bolsters the ever-widening wage gap between executives and lowly employees by exploiting in turn the massive relative wage inequalities of poorer nations, because they can be exploited. It should be called an ethics tax.

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