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Bellow, Ravelstein.
It has taken me a while to get to it. A missed bookclub discussion; a misguided original browse which put me off but now I was ready for it, cued up and motivated.

Some fave quotes:

And some related wisdom from Amis’ Experience:

In other news:

The Women’s final at Wimbledon. My viewing of it was strictly book-ended: I saw the warm-up serves, I saw the Russian rushing off for a last pit stop. I saw her take the first few games and thought, hey, it’s already going her way. Then I had to leave for a head massage. When I came back, I saw the matchwinning game. Williams looked absolutely defeated but her thighs were in usual fine form (visually, solidly). Facially she kept an astute dignity, a balance. Pity her game couldn’t keep up with the tall and lanky Russian style. Then the victory slump to the knees, the manic rush thru the audience to find daddy, the delaying calls to mum on the mobile, and the brandishing of the plate.

The demise of Brando. All the stock phrases came out in the obituaries, the dry clichés of a genial actor, a masculine master of his art who nonetheless wasted his immense gifts, who spilled his talents… With all the summary write-offs about raiding freezers in supermarkets and dying on the breadline, his island in the Pacific and lazy obesity and the squaw at the Oscars… What I wanted to know, and it would’ve called for more speculation than mealy-mouthed journalists can muster on a slow news day, is what the hell was going thru the man’s mind in the last days of his life. For someone who could deliver so much inward emotion and suggestive affect, such typically-specifically masculine emotion, he must’ve experienced time with a severe and personal despair. I don’t doubt he was great and flawed in his way, but speculate a line for me on his mind and sensibility and whatever unquiet rage; externalise some of that hearty greatness which probably knew equal suffering. Don’t just wrap him up in a case of brittle tactless words. Give the man more than the modicum of respect he deserves, do the mind justice. Even le Monde headed with ‘Viva Brando … L’acteur mythique’ and three whole pages of real content.

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