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Something which annoys me about the mangled Left/Right quagmire of debate vis. the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and we all know it’s got very little to do with ideology and the bickering of Western politicos searching for the best way to frame the invasion and occupation in media-friendly terms, and all the pro- and con-advocates on both sides who do the thinking footwork for them in the media (Hitchens etc), is that when it comes down to it, the resistance to occupation has nothing to do with Lefty support for the underdog struggling with imperialism and everything to do with the Sunni extremists who want their power back. They’re the ones trained in combat, harassment and terrorism/kidnapping, and I’m pretty convinced that they’re responsible for most of the current violence. Criticising the quagmire is to miss the tribal/hegemonic reality of the struggle in Iraq. Criticising the occupation is not to side with terrrrsm. It’s really the old pro-Saddam Sunni minority team who had it good and want their power back, who could benefit most directly from destabilisation. Over the Shiites, the Kurds, the yanks. Whomever.

posted by rino breebaart  # 5:19 pm
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