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Actually, running on from the Fahrenheit review below, that Klein quote (Ditch the Distraction in Chief) is worth expanding:
This madness has to stop, and the fastest way of doing that is to elect John Kerry, not because he will be different but because in most key areas—Iraq, the "war on drugs," Israel/Palestine, free trade, corporate taxes—he will be just as bad. The main difference will be that as Kerry pursues these brutal policies, he will come off as intelligent, sane and blissfully dull. That's why I've joined the Anybody But Bush camp: Only with a bore like Kerry at the helm will we finally be able to put an end to the presidential pathologizing and focus on the issues again.
It’s business as usual for American politics in these election times (stand by for universally broad analogy): the choice of the lesser of two evils. At least the new team of hawks might be slightly less… ugly. Steve Bell is, as usual, right on the money.

Oh, further to Moore’s grubby sense of humour (and remember, his entire funny sensibility peaked with The Awful Truth on TV) : Fahrenheit has possibly the funniest exploitation of Shiny Happy People yet.

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