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Light blogging today. PopMatters got me down.

But, I did want to post a link for Adam and Andrew, Gabriel Kolko’s take on the future of alliances and American foreign policy. Appeared in the SMH this Tuesday last. Prof. Kolko points out
I don’t agree with everything but I think it a line worth considering. Again, it begs arguing over a future-vision, which is the realm of idealist squabbling. I’m finding myself more and more taking the pacifist/humanitarian line. I want none of wartalk. More empathy please.

Plugged Padma Lakshmi into Google’s image search and got some er, interesting results. That man Rushdie, with his trophy wife… is he going all out for the Arthur Miller Middle-Aged Mayhem Award? Maybe Fury was the wrong word. Does her model’s body insurance policy cover acts of terrorism and assassination threats? I speculate.

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