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Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 Finally. Wasn't in a hurry to see it; and frankly it's pretty much in the same Moore-Mode as Bowling. Same approach to gags and soundtrack. The most impressive/relevant trope of the film was the pre-broadcast footage of all the hawks being powdered and puffed, rolling their eyes, sucking their combs. Playing the good actor in political media, reading their lines. More than the various grievings and naked scenes of carnage, rendered abruptly and often completely without context (like flippin' channels), more than the baboonish Ape himself (and I'm talking about Bush, slightly non-sequiturishly), I thought these scenes of make-up and sheer flippancy the most powerful. The film is haphazard, at times incoherently joined and cartoonishly funny; but in its net effect (over its errors and clear leading) it will be successful in combating the greater enemy which is the obstinate and extremist ignorance of broad America. Even a halfwit of similar intelligence to Bush would get the message. Anti-propaganda; nakedly anti-Bush when it should've been more anti-Hawk, anti-Hawk-organ-grinder. How many soldier's honest opinions have been screened on TV? How many would admit to videogame jollies as they line up victims to deathmetal? And yet look how many companies are getting in on the good vibrations. Again, some easy target there, but that's the nature of transparent business interests. The best comic moment was Bush out in the field hawking the Alliance of the Willing line, all ready to fight terrrrrsm with us, all tough talk and then "Now watch my drive" as he swings his club.

Am sure I'll get the full analysis in continued discussion in print or mail, and I'm sure Andrew doesn't like it's more blatant bending of truth and context, but I think the net effect of the film (despite Moore's continued earnings from the system he lampoons) is that it'll help ditch what Naomi Klein called the Distraction in Chief. That's the single greatest virtue of the film.

And it reminded of the times when people had to go to the cinema to get a real sense of visual news. But it was regettably televisual.

Also, on the other blog (for length), part of a longer piece picking at the bio.

"There is of course as much truth in biographies as there is in novels, except the latter doesn’t exploit the semblance so fraudulently. The thin categorical difference separating the two is merely for the convenience of bookstores — the difference no longer exists in the reality of the works. But for all intents we act like it does."

posted by rino breebaart  # 1:13 pm
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