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Y’all know I’m no conspiracy nut, but I’m starting to think that every story about Brittney in the media conceals or cancels another story about Iraqi civilian casualties. Feelgood obfuscation.

Also, I’ve been grooving to Graham Coxsone’s Happiness In Magazines. Haven’t heard it all yet, but it goes a little way to fill the gap in Blur quality recordings of late.

Listening to some of the Pet Sounds overdubs… reminders that the medium can be as beautiful as the content, the final meaning. An indirect comfort for prose writers.

posted by rino breebaart  # 1:34 pm
Heard the Coxon was pretty good - because Think Tank was the stinkiest piece of cod pretension and pointless noodling since Mogwai stopped writing the good stuff (it starts at Rock Action methinks). Album as pose - banal extrasuperplus.

And can please, please, this is important, for this is the only reason she exists, but can someone point out that Ms. Spears ain't even any value as eye-candy. What a plain little princess she is. If you're going to sell it, have it. Make yourself the best commodity you can be. What an average little - oh, I tire of this barrel-shooting. Google Image search someone with an ass for the lawd's sake.

Meanwhile, it looks like Bush will win. Reens, your isolation-to-Roman-destruction dream may yet come true. And in about two weeks time, Howard will probably be elected as well.

More on this later.

Bah, Bush still has a fight ahead of him and Howard's going to lose. More on this later. Also the B52s "Love Shack" is the best pop song ever, so there.

- Andrew
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