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The Incredibles

I can’t remember chuckling and chortling so continuously during a movie. What fun. So much characterisation. So much discrete wit. Probably the ultimate family movie — something for the middle aged, the gameboy-addicted, the comic-obsessed, the surly and pubescent. Amazing animated action, great and subtle lighting changes, amazingly full characters — all fully accessible and understood, great mix of media and continuity and superb setting and rendering (the characters even breathe naturally — it hardly feels like animation — the triumph of a movie that is as real as an, er, acted film). One scene I treasured: Mr Incredible driving home in his basic-salary car, that pathetically small car which he fills to the gills, that look of frustrated ennui and him crunching the trim and then smashing the window… all in quiet comedy. Superb. And Elastigirl had a yum figure. So much fun.

posted by rino breebaart  # 1:43 pm
Excitement! Looking forward to a Boxing Day fix, esp. now that Frodo and the gang shan't be around. Let me say it, let me say it - kids get all the best movies. Am intending to see Ocean's 12 before Christmas - though written off by most as a lazy money-maker, and about nothing, I read one critic, Matthew Wilder, who said it might be his favourite movie of the year - deadly with its references, and all-encompassing in its style. A filmfans film, that also stars Clooney, Pitt and Roberts. Plus 4 or 5 other enormous stars.

Otherwise, the cinemas shut themselves down with mediocre tripe, and we all stay at home stroking ourselves and enjoying the DVD's the folks and friends thought we might like.
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