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This amazing story from Israel: Israel shocked by image of soldiers forcing violinist to play at roadblock.

Only now have they realised they’ve hit rock bottom in terms of humiliating and debasing Palestinians. Never mind the head on a stake routine. The soldiers in question were 'ticked off for being "insensitive".' And then further down: 'To date, [only] one soldier has [ever] been convicted of causing the death of a Palestinian.' And yet '1,656 Palestinian non-combatants have been killed during the intifada, including 529 children.' What a disgusting world we live in. This is not the Age of Rights, this is not the Nixonian Age; this is the Age of Unaccountability.

posted by rino breebaart  # 6:26 pm
You're right - this is the age of Unaccountability. Governments now treat elected office as an excuse and a rationale, and not a responsibility. Rumsfeld's lame excuse about armour for the troops is a good recent example of this. And they have reasons to believe they can continue to get away with it - with all that fell down around the house of Bush, they still got back in - they must feel like they can do anything. Obviously, Israel's been getting away with murder for years. It will most likely continue to work.
"If we allow Jewish soldiers to put an Arab violinist at a roadblock and laugh at him, we have succeeded in arriving at the lowest moral point possible. Our entire existence in this Arab region was justified, and is still justified, by our suffering; by Jewish violinists in the camps."

The logic seems to be: our suffering justifies their suffering, so let us not do anything to confuse the two.

- Andrew
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