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Another New Journal idea

Yes, this has been a somewhat slow review week, this week, but I’ve been having all sorts of kooky themed journal ideas (it could be the flu putting me in that deliberate convalescent mode of perception). This one, inspired by reading a Dorothy Parker interview on The Paris review site, whose excellent ‘DNA of literature’ section features heaps of interviews (and is slowly expanding, it seems). Parker laments the death of F. Scott Fitzgerald, ("Poor son of a bitch") saying how no one rocked up to his funeral, and the ignominy of being a Hollywood hack slash scenarist. The Wikipedia couldn’t flesh this anecdote any further, but it got me reading up ferociously on all the flappers of the Lost Generation with their smarties and petting parties. And how this brief little era still has potent associative function in the idealistic paradise of American Pipe Dreams and Fairy Castles (subdivision: literary scenes). The Round Table, the pre-Depression bobs, the booze. Ah, memory. To wit:
The Twenties Journal (specialising in brisk short fiction)
And the Twenties Press (an online archive of forgotten writers)

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