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The Beach Boys, the Warmth of the Sun

Pure warmth and harmony. Sunsets over glittering water. The first marijuana glows around the fire. An amazingly complete little piece of music though there's almost no definitive chorus in 't; I almost think of Brian's lead as a single long guitar line flowing for the whole 2:48. It's profoundly sad of course: the clue to the broken heart art of Pet Sounds, possibly the clue to so much of the broken beauty of Brian. The secret of his art is this: a fundamentally damaged person can still conceive and execute amazingly crafted and inexplicable works of beauty. I can see Brian pacing and directing the backing harmonies in a jiffy: they just come naturally because the feeling runs strong in him; I'm sure he didn't even have to think twice about his arrangement. It's a profoundly felt loss, and like all broken hearted, he doesn’t mind how many other hearts he breaks by expressing it.

posted by rino breebaart  # 12:53 pm
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