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Odd Nerdrum, my new artistic hero

Through Kitsch the talented one can save himself. It is a new discipline in which skill finds a superstructure. A superstructure serving the genius of ability.
Do not allow Art to retain its moral authority over ability.
Because Modernism has conquered art, Kitsch is the saviour of talent and devotion.
Rembrandt stuck in a timewarp... Have we progressed beyond the Flemish masters? Did the Renaissance really happen? I love Odd. He knows what's important.

posted by rino breebaart  # 4:13 pm
An amazing sense of suffering in those faces - as if they'd been frozen, momentarily, in their lowest and most strained state - that is, not in true pain, not crying, not wailing - but rather an exhaustion: Sleepless.

A great find reens. Thanks for the heads up.
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