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Funkadelic, Eulogy and Light
Our father / Which art on Wall Street / Honored be thy buck / Thy kingdom came / This be thy year / From sea to shining sea

Thou givest me false pride / Funked down by the riverside / From every head and ass, may dollars flow / Give us this pay / Our daily bread / Forgive us our goofs / As we rob from each other

He maketh me to sell dope to small children / For thou art evil / And we adore thee / Thy destruction and thy power / They comfort me / My Cadillac and my pinky ring / They restoreth me in thee / Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of poverty / I must feel their envy / For I am loaded, high and all those other goodies / That go along with the good god big buck

To your whores / And [what?] grows there / Ahead in time, the unexpected soul-searching beam of the strobe / But now, the stairway looms / And as I rise / The cries of kittens, gray, make way / For there, now near / Here now, gone, alone / I feel my wrist, it flicks the switch / No lights reveal the room or me / She sees, then panics, grabs a light / I scream silent comforts that are not heard / I panic, for I have not said a word / Hysteria hold the room in sway / I run, I back away, to hide / From what? / From fear? / The truth, the light? / Is truth the light?

posted by rino breebaart  # 12:33 pm
I love their nutty shit (so to speak) - no-one mixes politics and melodrama with humour they way they do, really. Stripped on the music it would come across dry, so lame - the music makes it so funny, so goofy. That's not to say without the music it comes across as such on your blog - we all know it derives from Funkadelic, and so we smile knowingly, as we know how those voices sound and those instruments shake.

Direct quotation is good for a blog - content is hard to scratch up some time...good work and prayers Mr. B.
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