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10CC, Rubber Bullets

By the speed of internet download and review, I offer this quick riposte (thrust, parry, ho!). First listening reminded me of the naff and layered studio production of Beach Baby by First Class (1974):
What ever happened at the high school hop?
I guess you should remember soda pop.
Ever think about the girl next door
With beat up sneakers and a pony tail?
I love the intro to this track though, the thumping rhythm and that odd tappity rhythm (could be a bass played very high). The nice little key jumps, the double-fuzz guitar licks, the delicate middle eight with distant piano tricks... and the sheer odd, camp, cheeky, bluffing, throwaway fun lyrics:
Having a tear-gas of a timeā€¦
I love to hear those convicts squeal,
It's a shame these slugs ain't real
There's a rumor goin' round death row,
That a fuse is gonna blow
Hey padre
Padre you talk to your boys...
Trust in me -
God will come to set you free
We all got balls and brains
But some's got balls and chains
This is just weird, I mean, it kinda makes the BB's Student Demonstration Time look like a waltz in the park. Great production though.

posted by rino breebaart  # 9:06 am
Yaaay! May 10CC posts spread rapidly around the globe!

Glad you liked the song reens - basically everything in it is a hook, and there's no flab. But the lyric? I know, odd...and they did love bad puns...in the bridge to their song "Silly Love" (another ripper) there is this line: "Oh I think the art of conversation must be dying / when a romance depends on cliches and toupees and threepees." Awful, just awful.
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