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Jean-Luc Godard, 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle

A movie that inspires lists, reaction, comment, not so much a cinematic experience (cinematic journalism, maybe). Not many people talk about the poetry of the film.
The ultimate film of a city, the ultimate filmic essay.
Industrial society, the limits of communication.
Vietnam/Morality/Fashion/Economic Paranoia
- What is language, Mummy?
The chaos of word, sound, image and signified all disassembled, blurred; the thinking head from the body; the city, a nation, from its people.
- Pax Americana: jumbo-sized brainwashing.
A place obsessed with other places, destinations.
The slow documentary pan of essay.
The spoken persistence of colours worn, observed.
Consumer overproduction.
Using characters somewhat restrictively as image-conduits of idea, observation; connected and loose from reality, yet always with sufficient poetry of expression and vision. And always from a subtly feminine, city perspective.
High density living.
Prostitution on every level of city life.
- They're American shoes.
- To trample Vietnamese with.
Magazines/catalogues vs Newspapers/radio.
Objects become more real than people.
The cold juxtaposition of construction and prostitution.
The philosophy of Being, difference, fraternity, married to the banal image of picking up tricks.
The rebirth of conscience - everything follows from this.
Mon semblable, mon frère.
The director, in direct communication with the character-visuals, represents conscience speaking thru cinema. Conscience essaying the world, tout le monde.
The painter/writer's rage for expression.

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