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The Rapture Index

First DeLay, Scooter, then Rove, Rumsfeld perhaps? All this talk about the beginning of the end for Bush (I mean Bush is secure in his enclosure, as always, with straw and bananas) is fine, but to the average American citizen whose entire world is television, it'll hardly matter. Unless, we put some good ol' Rapture spin on it. Really grab them evangelist voting-blocs by the balls and show them their elected criminals as servants of End of All Things, let alone the Continued Destruction of the environment, of Iraq, the nation’s poor etc. Will they want their Bush so badly then? Possibly. Will they wake up to criminality and hypocricy in the White House? Where are the number crunchers and paranoiac preachers of the afterworld, shunners of the body, counting the number of gaffs and significantly repeated words in Bush’s speeches to determine the Date of Departure? For I’ve got the feeling that the Rapture Index is nothing more than a form of social racism, empowering weak minds to judge others, to bludgeon them with self-righteous dogma. You are Holy, you’re with us, you ain’t. Hey, just like (NeoCon) Republicans. Just like… fascism.

The Simpsons recently did a Rapture episode which I must say was rather conservative, safely inconclusive and thoroughly uncritical. But, once something has been on the Simpsons, it isn’t entirely feasible as reality any more. And if the average US citizen can say Hey, that was on the Simpsons, then no amount of letterwriting or lobbying can undo the fact. Everything real will become another Onion headline.

So let’s talk like evangelists and talk about the 50 years of hardship Americans must now suffer, the Republican debts and illegitimate wars that’ll continue to decimate their youngest and poorest, and the obscene petro-profits their republican Fathers will laughingly walk away with.

posted by rino breebaart  # 1:34 pm
"While the importance of the Valerie Plame/Scooter Libby situation is certainly not to be minimized, it is but one element in the tapestry of arrogance, corruption, and lack of foresight that is the Iraq war. We can only hope that the media will shine its spotlight wide enough to bring the rest of these stories out of the shadows."


The problem is that when the left tries that they usually end up sounding like Michael Moore. They just can't compete with the right when it comes to evangelizing - because ulimately the left wants to appeal to people's heads, not their gut (well, ideally that's what they want to do). I might be wrong, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a left-wing shock jock around. But I suspect they'd just end up getting in to fights with others on the left. Isn't that how it always is?

And if you want to see a right-wing evil genius at work, see Howard's latest ploy of playing the "immanent threat" card to get both his anti-terrorism legislation and his IR reforms rammed through parliament at the same time. Howard makes the Bush administration look like a bunch of boy scouts.
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