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I know that quality writing (quality reviewing especially) thrives on a contradictory meld of disinterested clarity and the catty, personalised wordplay of invective, where anger or outrage induce the fact — and on the other hand, balancing the sheer amount of review material at hand (I’m addicted to downloadahol) with the limited amount of motivated time to write and invoke non-clichéd shots at the target (the cliché being the shortest, straightest line to a critical truism, to be avoided absolutely but always lying in wait), and my often being at a loss to simply say something new about something new, all leave me in a state of mild indifference and wordlessness, no doubt typical of the jaded review mindset — washed up yet secretly hungry for that heartsinging work of inspiration — yet meeting everywhere its disappointment, the reactive ideas spent and thrustless like dull waves on a dun shore. That little voice calls out from within its rounded tower, in wiltingly pathetic tones: But what does all this music shit mean to me, I mean, personally?

posted by rino breebaart  # 12:58 pm
hi. i'm in year 12 and for part of my course i have to complete a thesis-like piece of writing and i intend to base it on metacriticism. Would you please be able to send me a copy of your article Critical Trinity, to nhuang_88@yahoo.com.au ? I read the first 1500 words and it sounds very interesting. I think it may be able to give me a few ideas about what direction to follow. Thanks!
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