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Over on the Long Blog (all essay, no review), some Notes on Christianity.
The question of Christianity's veracity (ie the True Faith) is nowhere near as interesting or relevant as Why this religion has worked so well for so long. Is it because the formula and tenets of Christianity lend themselves so well to politics? From the first Christian emperors to the popes and the Jesuits and the sectarian parties of today? Or because of its dogma, so flexibly interpreted across Christian sects, churches and sub-denominations? Or because monotheism makes for great religions of war & conquest? For its relative ability to meld power with changing times? And where is the individual in all this? — weak, a sheep, in need of (shep)herding.
Anyhoo, it's a bundle of notes I've extracted from the notebooks, so much of which would never see the light (of day) otherwise.

posted by rino breebaart  # 10:03 pm
Christianity does lend itself well to politics because it has some very clear (and some very debatable) ideas about how we should live. Since politics and religion both tell us how to live our lives it is unsurprising that they influence each other - I don't think Christianity is any different from any other religion in that.
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